My 6 stars book series that I wouldn’t mind being isolated in an island with! An amazing, epic love story that everyone should read. You can tell how much I love it, it’s my background ♥

tatiana and alexander

Just as Hitler’s army attacks Russia, a love story blossoms in Leningrad.

Tatiana and Alexander. Their love is doomed from the very first sight but yet somehow as everybody around them die, they remain alive, fighting for the right to love and survive within a battlefield.

A day before she turns seventeen, Tatiana meets young Red Army officer, Alexander Belov.


I was afraid to start this one because I knew the heartache would be unavoidable and even if it hurts like a bitch, it left me full of emotions and experiences. I truly feel like I was there with then as the traveled through Russia with tatiana & alexanderbombs exploding around them, trying to find one another again.

I had never even thought about Russia as a place to visit someday, just to see it and travel but after this book, I want to literally walk on Tatiana’s footsteps and visit all of those places that made me fall in love with them.

Paullina Simons truly has a gift with words and this book, I will treasure it forever!

There should be no doubt about the epicness of this story; the depth of the characters and the thick plot that glues the book into your hands and won’t even let you look up from it till you’re done with it. For real, not even sleep or food were enough to make me put it down.

Reading the series back to back – because there was no way I would ever be able to wait for it – left me so full of emotions and so drained at the same time.

TBZ by paullina simons

Reading order.

the bronze horseman


Tatiana & Alexander have the most beautiful and heartbreaking love story out there, if you haven’t read the Bronze Horseman yet, what are you waiting for?


The Bronze Horseman → AMAZON | B&N

Tatiana and Alexander → AMAZON | B&N

The Summer Garden → AMAZON | B&N




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  3. What an awesome series review! I have been wanting to start this series but its length is a bit daunting even though I keep hearing how great it is! Awesome you were able to read them back to back!!


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