Thank you all for the review requests you’ve sent me, unfortunately my reading list is a mile long and I am currently not accepting any review requests but if you have a NetGalley link or a blog tour sign feel free to include it in the e-mail because you never know!

Even if I don’t have the time to reply (hint: I read a lot and I binge watch, plus blogging stuff keep me busy and life) I can assure you I read every e-mail and I check out every book, if your book is available on Netgalley or if there’s a blog tour happening then you might want to include those links as well but please DO NOT resent requests asking for a reply or the same request twice (yes I remember your blurb and book) I’d love nothing more than to answer to everyone, but that’s kind of impossible.

Also, IMPORTANT, DO NOT send me a copy of your book without checking with me first. That will not make me want to read it and you shouldn’t send out copies like that, the internet is dark and full of terrors!

Review Copies

  • Galley ARC
  • Kindle
  • Physical copies
  • Blog tour review copies
  • From the publisher/author


If you want to offer a giveaway please feel free to do so but please keep in mind some readers are outside the US; the author is responsible for any deliveries in case of a physical book or any swag. In any case, contact me below.


What you need to know about my reviews

✯ ✯ ✯ ✯ ✯

Rating System:

Anything from DNF to 6 stars goes.

My 6-star ratings are reserved for those books I ABSOLUTELY ADORED! Very few books have gotten this and very few will get it in the future. All time favorite, unique stories with unforgettable characters and plot ♥

My 5-star books are those I loved and would recommend hands down. From a new to me author or debut author this definitely puts them on my watch list!

My 4-star books are also loved and recommended but there was something missing, or too much of something.

My 3-star books are fun to read and recommended but not loved and maybe lacking elements or too similar with other books and predictable.

My 2-star books are usually under-delivering in a lot of elements, story or grammar, maybe the opposite meaning they are full of cliches and trying too hard, or just didn’t work for me at the time.

My 1-star books or DNF are just not for me.

I hope that covers it! I’m the kind of person that might rate a book with 2 stars and still like it, it depends on the book, I always keep my reviews polite despite the rating, I’m picky and it depends on the mood I’m in at the time.

ARC copies don’t mean instant positive reviews, honest is honest. If I rate a book with 1-2 stars I will post it at a later time (in ARC cases).

I will add my rating stars on the book cover, don’t ask me for extra rating numbers (writing style/characters/plot) because I don’t do that, and there will be no exceptions. But I will mention it in my review if it is worth mentioning.

✯ ✯ ✯ ✯


A review acceptance doesn’t equal a good review. Or a review at all. (NOTE: For due to be published books; I’ll need my ARC at least two to three weeks in advance.) Unless it’s a blog tour in which case I’ve signed up for myself. There is a possibility of rating the book with less that 3-2 stars (even though I don’t consider 2 stars to be bad but anyway) or DNFing it. Although I try not to do that but… honest is honest. I will post that review (if I do at all) much later than the release date. (For ARCs.)

✯ ✯ ✯

  • Please before you consider sending me a copy browse through my reviews to see what and how I review. If you think that your book doesn’t fit into my reading choices then please refrain from requesting a review just in case I’d like to try something different. I try to reply to every e-mail but after a while it gets impossible to do so but I do check out every review request and book for future TBR if it seems like something I’d like to read.
  • Thank you to everyone that has expressed an internet in co-blogging but I’m not interested in sharing my blog, I’m honored though and thank you, I operate it alone.

✯ ✯

→ Genres ←

I’m open to a lot of genres but I’m also picky and it also depends of the mood I am at the time and the previous books I’ve read. HEA, cliffhanger, cheating, character death do not impact my rating and review.

Contemporary Romance

Fantasy or Paranormal (really picky)

Mystery or Historical Fiction (extremely picky)

Dark or Dark Romance

New Adult

Young Adult

Adult (might consider reading)

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Talk to me...

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