A list of my favorite standalone books and completed series. Doesn’t matter if the book is not a 5-star read, that’s about the details, I can enjoy a book but still rate it with 3 stars. I have a huge series list, I just love book series but some books have a novella following them and can be read as a standalone or the story is complete with only one book for that character ♥

The page will be updated regularly and the books are in reading order by series, you can tell from the cover pattern. You can always use the tags at the bottom of the blog to find a specific genre, title or author. Click on the image for my review and links!

My TOP favorites: The Bronze Horseman

Complete trilogy series ♥

Black Dagger Brotherhood

Not complete but the series has 13 books published and a few short stories. The next book will be out April 5th 2016!

Book Boyfriends

If you’re looking for your next book boyfriend – or book husband – here is a list of all my favorite BBs ♥


The list will be updated regularly.

Books is a series and in progress (some can be read as standalones)

The Spiral Down andidarken addictedtoyou boundbyhonor boundbyduty boundbyhatred paperprincess (2) gambit thewhinterking thebloodscion HIM  Childstar  forgettomorrow blindsight lev kricketseriesreview LUCKY caged3 caged2 caged1 theheartbreakers king lawless WhereIBelong Allure by Nina Lane -- 5 stars Arouse by Nina Lane -- 5 stars awakenrating Adore always Aimeeandtheheartthrob miaandthebadboy daisyandthefrontman anyaandtheshyguy abbyandthecuteone TheDeal themistake thescore consolation NEED Thoughtful ByAnyOtherName RAZE by Tillie Cole reap maybesomedaycollenhoover TheDarkLightofDay ruin RAW VIP 53lettersformylover RD reasonable doubt extinguish Reignite Made MineKE Remy Rogue by Katy Evans Ripped ItAintMe Heart Recaptured souls-unfractured TheLawOfMoses Ruthless_People untouchables precariousbellajewel angelsinleatherbellajewel innocents 12rounds Joseph Fallen by M.S. Willis madeleinabdmswillis Hope Restrained Ride sweethomestars Sweet Rome SweetFallTillieCole sweet hope rating SweetSoul killing sarai revivingizabel The Swan and the Jackal by J. A. Redmerski Lick Play by Kylie Scott Lead by Kylie Scott SevenSonsLSG Six Brothers Five Miles  fourscore ThreeYears TwoRoads One Love by Lili St. Germain Cartel by Lili St. Germain zerohour Come to me Quietly MIHE torturerating toob take a chance OMC rulerating Rome Nash The Golden Dynasty by Kristen Ashley withlove BeMyHeroLindaKage Dragon's Lair by Chantal Fernando Arrow's Hell trackersend Better When He's Bad SweetPerdition HotAsHadesRating Damned lasthit LastHitReloaded myunexpectedforever 


perfume thebirdandthesword sparrow 1000boykisses SLIPOGTHETONGUE FINDING GABRIEL TSBH (1) everything, everything WhatYouLeftBehind ales Ricochet priest trueloveway From a Distant Star by Karen McQuestion how-to-catch-a-rock-star A Long Way Down Arsen ShineNotBurn dontmakemebeautiful Willing CaptiveBA makingfaces lovesexrepeatAT fightingredemption unteachable5stars V Transcendence by Shay Savage tabitha suzuma forbidden BlackLiesrating Black-Rose AlarmShaySavage

Other lists:

So, there it is, like I said the list will be updated regularly so feel free to check it out whenever you’re in need of a new read – standalone and series – and if you have a book recommendation comment below ♥ Kei



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