Hello lovely people and welcome to the lovely pages reviews! I’m Kei, a happy book addict & blogger! I obsess over fictional characters, I devour books like there’s no tomorrow and fangirl to my ‘s content. Between reading, I manage to squeeze real life stuff too. No I don’t, I just say that to make myself feel better, I breathe books. I read heartwarming & mind-blowing stories with swoon-worthy book boyfriends & kickass heroines. This blog is like my very own book diary, I just have to write about the books I read, and fangirl with people that loved them just as much so please feel free to write back, also all the other stuff like music, TV and movies I get obsessed and fangirl about…

once upon a book

It all started with a book from my high school library, Perfume: The Story of a Murderer by Patrick Süskind. Finishing a book for the first time and thinking about it for weeks later should have been a red flag for my book obsession. Then the Twilight Saga happened And it introduced me to a whole new world of words and fictional characters and an endless list of fanfiction stories that most of them are currently published and successful. Then books happened, I haven’t stopped reading since and probably never will, nor do I want to.

My reading list is crazy. Mostly Romance but anything from Fantasy and Paranormal, NA/YA to Historical Romance will do. Hopelessly romantic to heart-wrecking stories. Funny and witty to I-want-to-hide-my-book-in-the-freezer-Joey-style stories that may keep me up for nights. Well written with a good plot and complex characters (or just the kind that will piss me off the less). I secretly love books that don’t get a HEA and I love reading books with major twists! I don’t have a favorite book but I do have favorites from different genres, that’s as close as I’m gonna get to picking one and also the yearly list of top books! SMALLSIZETBH

For romance readers, historical readers, readers that want a unique story with lots of love and heartache but also a genuinely beautifully written story with amazing characters.


My vampire lovers, if you haven’t read this, and love long series, this is by far the best vampire series I’ve read, with a long list of characters, each story unique and unforgettable in it’s way.


My book boyfriends! Favorite guys from the books I’ve read, each one special ♥

Books of the year!

If you’re an author, then please browse through my Reviews first and then send me a review request. Unless your book is on my radar, if so then PLEASE just go ahead and contact me.

:: lovelypagesreviews@gmail.com :: 

This blog also features weekly memes apart from blog tours, cover reveals and any other post that has to do with books, I operate it alone and as I’m trying to get better at it things get updated frequently. More often than not I will make a graphic to go with my reviews – just because the book ended doesn’t mean the story ended. You can find them on my Gallery or on Pinterest! Also find me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TSU, Tumblr and for more reviews on Goodreads! I’m way more active on Instagram & Tumblr ♥

 w e l c o m e 


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