Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature meme hosted by the Broke and the Bookish. Every week they post a new top ten list and everyone is welcome to join.

What happens when you’ve talked about nothing but your favorite books? You’re awesome! You don’t have anything left to talk about. So this week I’m altering the TTT topic of all time favorite books x genre and I’m giving you books with a shocking twist! The shock value is totally up to the reader’s shock meter but these books are famous for having major plot twists – or plot endings – that shocked the readers and later the audience. Two categories: then and now. Older books that are notorious for their endings and new books that I personally can’t get over the shocking twists, to this day!


  • RAW by Belle Aurora // I was a total mess when I finished RAW because it pulled the unthinable – for me, at the time – and I love the way the author twists the plot at the end!
  • Sex. Love. Repeat by Alessandra Torre // Two of AT books on this list because I’ve said it before, she knows how to twist the story around and this one was the first one I read and loved.
  • Black Lies by Alessandra Torre // THAT. TWIST. THO.
  • Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn // Despite your feelings for Gone Girl you can’t deny the shocking twist…
  • The Swan and the Jackal by J. A. Redmerski // ALL. THE. FEELS. The twist on this story came out of nowhere and it was so emotional for so many reasons! Could I be more non spoilerish?



Have you read any of these books? Did they shock you? Have you read books with shocking twist that you still can’t get over?




  1. Love your take on this week’s TTT theme! Interesting that Torre has two books on your list… she must be great at writing a really good plot twist. I’m excited to see The Swan and the Jackal listed! I’ve only read the first book in the series so far but I am so excited to continue on with it. I really loved Sarai and Victor in the first book. And The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo… wow, what a ride that was. I actually started re-watching the movie (the U.S. version) during my lunch break the other day. Did you read the other two books as well? Or the 4th one that came out last year? I read the trilogy but haven’t read the 4th book… I’m unsure about continuing with someone else writing them.


    • Torre is the best at adding shocking twists to NA, I love her books so much! TSatJ is Fredrik’s story and it’s mind-blowing.

      I haven’t watched the US version yet – kinda don’t want to ruin it – and I haven’t read any new books but maybe I should, it was so freaking good!


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