Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature meme hosted by the Broke and the Bookish. Every week they post a new top ten list and everyone is welcome to join.


This week’s TTT is so interesting! It’s about all the stuff I’d buy if someone was to give me a gift card! I’m warning you, I’m going all out with this one, let the imaginary book shopping begin!

Penguin Clothbound Classics

Oh my book feels just look at this collection! I. WANT. THEM. ALL. Please and thank you! I’d probably never crack the spines because I’m a freak like that I’d rather read the ebook a million times than ruin the spine but LOOK AT THAT BEAUTY ♥

Harry Potter fan-designed minimalist covers

This amazing fan redesigned the HP series and if this was for sale – it’s not 😦 – then PLEASE SOMEONE GET THIS FOR ME I’LL LOVE YOU FOREVER! Follow the link for more pics of the inside of the books and then come back so we can cry together over the awesomeness!


Unlimited access to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter Theme Park


Bookish Jewelry

I mean all of them. Harry Potter deathly hallows jewerly, Percy Jackson, Game of Thrones, ALL. THE JEWERLY!

Black Dagger Brotherhood Paperbacks

You can never have too many book series!

Any Sarah J. Maas book!

Seriously, her books are all the rage and OMG I’m scared to read anything of hers because of the hype!

  • Lady Midnight — I have yet to read this but it’s been on my TBR for weeks and I wouldn’t mind a copy!
  • The Girl With All The Gifts — I saw the movie trailer and OMG I need this book. ASAP.
  • Anna And The French Kiss — Yup, I still haven’t gotten around to get this.
  • Shadow and Bone — Basically anything of Leigh Bardugo, that would be nice.

So, there you have it, I could probably add a hundred more books but ten is the limit! What would you buy with a gift card?




  1. I put the cloth bound classics on my list this week too! I love them all, I want them all on my bookshelf looking pretty 🙂
    I do really love those fan made HP covers, I really want some of the new editions of HP, but don;t have the money right now to buy the same book like 10 times!
    I started reading Lady Midnight, but then got distracted and still haven’t finished it! Really need to get on that!
    Great list 🙂


  2. Oh, bookish jewelry = YES.
    I need to get my hands on some SJM books, too. So behind!
    I’ve been seeing The Girl with All the Gifts trailer frequently, too. It looks like a crazy thriller that I’d love to try, too!
    Great choices!


  3. Oh my gosh, your list is so diverse & I love it! I don’t read classics much but I do agree that those covers are absolutely stunning. AND HECK YEAH TO THOSE HP COVERS!! I hope you get to pick up an SJM book soon; I started reading her a little under a year ago and I’m really loving her style.

    Thanks for stopping by Princessica of Books!


  4. The Penguin cloth bound books are amazingly beautiful, especially stacked together like that. I think I’d be another one afraid to open them for fear of damaging the spines though.


  5. Oh wow, those Penguin cloth bound books are so gorgeous! Sarah J. Maas made my list as well. I’m reading A Court of Thorn and Roses right now and can already tell I’m going to want that second book ASAP!


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