That’s what HE said Thursday [57]


That’s what he said is my newest meme hosted by! Every Thursday we post a favorite line from our book boyfriend to his heroine.

It’s Alexander day for Tanya and I! This guy has more than enough quotes to be on this meme every week and this is the 3rd time ♥


“I just don’t know how I’m going to survive you, Tatiana.”

“Do you hear the stellar winds, carrying from the heavens a whisper, straight from antiquity… into eternity…

Tatiana… Tatiana… Ta…tiana…”

“Will you remember that? Anywhere you are, if you can look up and find Perseus in the sky, find that smile, and hear the galactic wind whisper your name, you’ll know that it’s me, calling for you… calling you back to Lazarevo.”

As always…

“Love is, to be loved,” said Alexander, “in return.”

“Love is, to be loved,” said Alexander, “in return.”



5 thoughts on “That’s what HE said Thursday [57]

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  2. Love it! ❤ That first quote ("I don't know how I'm going to survive you") – gets me every time! And that top graphic – fabulous as always! Why must you live so far away? I want to be able to sit and watch you do your PicMonkey magic. LOL

    Have you read the entire trilogy, Kei? It's been 2+ years since I read TBH and I still haven't been able to continue on with the series. I'm dying to know what happens but I just know I'm in for more heartache.


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