Hello my lovely people!

So in my attempt to be more talkative and post other stuff than reviews and tours, here’s a discussion post that’s been on my drafts since forever.

Once in a blue moon I go through my To Be Read list on Goodreads either to see if any book has gone live that I wanted to read but missed it in a sea of releases or when I make a Top Ten Tuesday post. Every time I go that there’s a chance a book will get deleted. I’m sure this happens a lot of you and for many reason. Or is it just me?


Yes, I do read other reviews, of course I do. When a book has an average below 3.8 that says a lot, it means more people rated it with -3 stars. There are always exceptions but so far I haven’t read a book that other people – bloggers I identify with and like their recommendation – didn’t like and happened to like it myself.


What do I mean by that? Over the past few years that I’ve been on Goodreads, I’ve added so many books that those I’ve added first when I re-read the blurb it no longer is appealing. I might have read a similar book by then or since I’m the kind of person who has to be in a mood to read certain books, the blurb no longer attracts me.


I’m a series reader,  I love book series. The bigger, the better. But of course, when I read the first book and I don’t like it, I won’t be reading any more of that series.


Have you ever seen a book on your TBR and thought when did I ever want to read this? Cause I have, for some reason I’ve added a few books I would never be interested in reading.


Are you on GR? Come say hi! Do you delete books from your TBR or am I really a minority here?



  1. Weeding out my GoodReads TBR is something I should do on a more regular basis. Unfortunately I only go thru it about once a year and do mass deletes. Most often it’s because I’ve lost interest in a particular book. Negative reviews do sometimes play a part, too. Like a synopsis will sound great and I’ll add it to my TBR but once reviews start coming in if they’re super low I definitely rethink it.


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