Back in November I did this Blogging – Behing The Scenes post with everything I’ve learned as a blogger so far and I included NetGalley, but I wanted to get into details about it. This is from my personal experience, no inside info or anything, just a few stuff I thought I’d share. So, here it is!


Let’s start with the basic. This is where you need to use your best marketing skills. You’re requesting a book from a stranger so you need to tell them briefly why they should approve your request. Don’t be shy about it and don’t get personal.

  • Not your About page:

I did the same thing back in the days, trying to keep everything at the same level and give as much information as I possible could to the publishers. WRONG. I’m sure that got me declined faster than I requested. Publishers, I imagine, are on a need to know bases. Don’t write about your favorite genres, there’s another category for that; or your entire reading background, or how your pet is named after a favorite book character, your bio needs to be as professional as possible.

Things to include:

  • Blog URL. That’s what a publisher looks at first. Your platform. Are you active on your blog? That’s what matters. Yes, you can have a huge following but if you have not been active the past few months, what’s the point? Note: Check the blog URL to see if it redirects or not, copy/paste it to be 100% sure and don’t just type it, no one has to time to google your blog!
  • Ratio. Probably the most important after the URL, if you are above 80% ratio or more, mention it, basically your ratio speak for your reading history, so many sure you maintain it if it’s above 80%.
  • Stats. Your individual blog hits/followers.
  • Netgalley badges. If you have them, show them off!
  • Kindle email. It’s a good option to have your kindle email on your profile.
  • Social Media. Optional. Some publishers want facebook and twitter handle but not all of them, always check for preferences.

Personally at least, that’s what I have included on mine.

NOTE: Make sure you update your profile as frequently as possible.

F E E D B A C K   R A T I O

  • The goal. Basically the higher your feedback ratio the better chances you have at getting approved. How to improve that? Read and give feedback.


A P P R O V A L  P R E F E R E N C E S

On the BROWSE section you will find your Favorite Publishers. Every publisher has their preferences on their page, you can check it out and know what your chances are or if they require something extra to be on your profile, so there’s a higher chance you won’t be rejected if you’ve checked those. Some require stats or social media URLs, plus the region matters. NOTE: You can request a book from another publisher that will approve internationally. Always check the preferences and the different publishing houses.


I have to mention this since I’ve seen way too many reviews from netgalley ARC books that have complained about grammatical errors and typos. NG has advanced reading copies, meaning the copy you will get is not the final copy and will most likely include grammatical errors and typos. That’s okay. You can’t take that into account and rate the book based on that, you are getting an early copy and there’s more editing to be done, so be polite and be aware of the type of books you are requesting. This is not something you bought on Amazon, it’s a reader’s ARC. I’ve had my fair share of errors in books, it happens. Move on or let the publisher know about it in your review, I usually use the note section if there’s any mistakes I can’t not notice like name change for example.

O N  T H E  B L O G

If you are a NG member it’s good to have your badges displayed. It’s a great way to let publishers know that you active on NG, and it may increase your chances for approval.


NG books of course have a deadline or an archive date in which the book will no longer be available for download, so when you do download it, check the date, it may be later than the publishing date, and keep it mind to post your review – on NG – before it expires.

Personally I post it on GR before it goes live, to give it a boost and I post it as a later date if the review is negative but I do post it on NG almost as soon as I’m done with it mostly because then I forget about it. You can always write a blog post and put a time for it to go live at a later date and then post the review on NG and GR.

WARNING: You can edit a review you have sent – to add a link for instance – but if that review has been added to the book’s page (at the bottom of the page) if you edit, your review will be deleted automatically.

That’s it! Like everything, the more active you are on NG the better. I hope I covered everything, the above are based on my experience only and every info NG is providing. Let me know below if your experience is the same ♥



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