TOP 10 BOOKS OF 2015


It’s that time of the year again! Where did the time go?! 2015 was full of books and amazing stories and of course thank you for another awesome blogging year

Like every year, here are my top 10 books of 2015 and a few honorable mentions as well, all books were published in 2015 and I loved all these books and I hope you enjoy them as much as I did if you choose to read any! (Click on the cover for my review.)

10Lev caused the best book hangover. OMG I was in a book heaven after reading this! I’m a huge Belle Aurora fan because so far every book I’ve read of hers has been amazing and she lived up to my high expectations and delivered a unique, swoony and totally captivating read! Lev delivered and it still makes me swoon thinking about it!
“I don’t know what love is. But if I could love anyone…” I pressed a gentle kiss behind her ear, pulling her close. “I would love you. Very much.”
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King is a perfectly crafted anti-hero book with lots of twists. Unlike most books that want to keep the mystery of what is going on until the last possible minute, King
manages to engage the characters in such a way that the story keeps the reader focused. Frazier’s writing is simply amazing, she has a way of delivering a dark romance with lots of raw emotional moments that make a difference, she can absolutely wow the reader in the best way.
“We met on the night I decided to sell myself for a hot meal and a place to sleep.”
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8I loved how this book pretty much stated a lot of obvious things but it was so interesting reading about a world where the little things just didn’t matter anymore. Hands down unputdownable and addictive from the first page, definitely worth the read!
What I have always believed is that pillows hold a part of your nightmares inside them, part of your problems and your dreams. And that’s why we put those cases on them: so we won’t have to look at those traces of our lives. Nobody likes seeing themselves reflected in an object.
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To say that I devoured each page would be an understatement. If you’re not familiar with the author, you are missing out on a great reading experience with each book. Poetic, raw, emotional and true way! In a unique and familiar way, Mary Elizabeth creates the sweetest and realest story that starts from a very young age and develops with time. Poetic and raw writing that can become addictive and unique expressions the readers grow to love, this story gave me a huge book hangover.
“If you fall, I’ll catch you.”
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6Oh sweet sweet hope. This story, it was just amazing, so unbelievably amazing. I had great expectations for this one and it was the greatest one, the perfect conclusion to this epic series, I inhaled it in just a few hours and I suffered a major book hangover after it!
“You’re not the villain in this story, you’re the beautifully flawed hero. You’re the dark hero who has been sacrificing himself all along.”
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Of course The Shadows is on my list. Because Black  Dagger Brotherhood. And Rhage. And Z. And Wrath. Seriously, I don’t even need a reason, true? But honestly, besides the fact that I’m a huge Black Dagger Brotherhood fan this was a seriously good book and even if we get one book a year, it’s so worth the wait ♥
Rhage cleared his throat. “My lord and ruler, Wrath, son of Wrath, blooded father of Wrath, I present you with Throe, Piece of Shit.”
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Souls Unfractured is not a fun read, or even a light one, but you must know that if you want to read it, it will hurt and you will cry; it’s gritty and raw and painful. But it’s the emotions and how these two characters come together and how they end up together that makes it so unique to read and unforgettable in its own way. Truly amazing.
That is all.
“We are Flame and Maddie. And we have survived.”
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I loooved this book so much! HIM blew my mind! Seriously, this story was one of the very few that surprised me with how much I loved it, this year! It was funny, sexy, heartbreaking and swoony all wrapped up in refreshing storytelling and lovable characters, simply put, it was amazing! And if you are looking for a good M/M book to read, this is the perfect book to start, hands down!
“Jamie Canning was my first crush and my first love. But he was never mine to have.”
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2 J.M. Darhower is undoubtedly the mafia book queen! By Any Other Name is yet another book with the familiar flawless writing and flawed people, a well built background that unravels slowly as the story develops – which is one of the things I absolutely loved about this story as was the attention to details and the unbelievably raw feel of the mafia world.
“The Prodigal Son and the Ice Princess, huh? Sounds like a terrible fairy tale.”
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1When you read the best book of the year you just know. I knew from the first page and every page till the end. The Deal is a book I’ve re-read may times since then and each time I swear I get butterflies. I love this book so much! It was refreshing, I’ve been saying how many cliches books have nowadays and this one was such a common themed book, the tutor and the athlete and yet the way it was flawlessly written and handled, it was captivating and refreshing and by far the best book I read all year! You need the awesomeness of this book in your life! Plus the slow build of the sexy times? I cannot stress this enough after reading this I felt like I watch a whole season of this epic series that had the perfect timing of pretty much everything. The book took it’s time, to get to meet them individually, together, with friends, with family, with other people, it was just OMG READ THE BOOK PEOPLE!
“For the love of God, I’m not tutoring you.”
“Sure you are.” I shrug. “I just need to figure out what you want in return.”
“I want to not tutor you. That’s what I want.”
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caged3 I love the Caged trilogy! Tria and Liam’s story has such depth and raw feeling in a familiar setting that it will surprise the readers with its fresh take on the fighter gets the girl story. Shay Savage can write a male POV like few out there and Liam was just swoon-worthy!
“For the first time in a decade, I have a reason to be outside the cage.”
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This tiny novella was explosive, it’s an introduction to her upcoming standalone Twenty To Life! This was hot and mysterious but deep and teasing all the way, it gives the readers just enough to hint at the epicness to follow. Even though short, it gave me a major book hangover because that’s just what she does, she creates these worlds that are so beautiful and unique in their own way but still raw and captivating and she makes you fall in love with her characters.
“In another life, maybe this could’ve meant something.”
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And of course, my all time favorite series & my book boyfriends ♥ For more books, check out my recs!

The Bronze Horseman

Black Dagger Brotherhood

Book Boyfriends




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