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Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature meme hosted by the Broke and the Bookish. Every week they post a new top ten list and everyone is welcome to join.

This week’s Top Ten Tuesday was free topic so I chose to do this list because I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve watched a movie or binge watched a TV series wishing there was a book version of that and that’s hard to do since pretty much everything is inspired from books (book series.) and of course it was hard to choose only ten because there are so many out there I will probably do an independent post about it at some point.


6 movies (so hard to choose) that I would totally want as books and re-read all the time! Click on the title for the IMDB page!


  • I, Origins — I just watched this about a week ago or so on TV and OMG, I’m a huge sci-fi/supernatural fan but I’m picky with books, this movie had the perfect amount of everything and an ending that was mind-blowing! Tip: Don’t watch the trailer, it’s incredibly spoiler-y!

“My atoms have always loved your atoms.”

  • Time Lapse — Most movies I love I’ve randomly watched at some point without ever seeing a trailer – that’s the best way in my opinion unless it’s a book movie or a known situation like comic movie or historical of some kind – this one features a camera that takes pictures of the future and how three friends handle it or let it handle them. So unique and full of twists!
  • Like Crazy — If there’s a movie out there that would be a must read as a romance book it’s this one ♥
  • Prisoners — Ever since I saw this it’s still with me, such a complex movie with even more complex characters and it would definitely be a worthy read unable to book it down for even a second. It features two families and the length each person goes to to find their missing daughters but there’s a deep story to it I did not see coming!
  • In Time — Not one of the greatest movies of all time but it definitely featured a dystopian world like few books do. Time and life span is so tangible in this one and in such a unique context it would definitely make one interesting book (series?). I mean, time is currency and you have a clock counting down your minutes left to live, on your arms, that’s woah!

  • Brothers — Still with me. Army, PTSD, brother and family drama, story twist, every ingredient to make an amazing book!


Most TV series I love are based on comic books or novels or book series (which is a good thing) but a few original series make me want to read an equal book.

  • One Tree Hill — Huge fan to this day, I love the simplicity of the series and yet the complexity of the characters including the occasional life drama and love triangle. I would most definitely read a whole book series like OTH.
  • Sons of Anarchy — Yes, lots of Motorcycle Club books out there but the majority revolves around a love story and not the club itself. SOA had such a rich world and full of pretty much everything it was amazing to see the characters navigate it and changing in the process. More MC, less damsel in distress gets in trouble with the rival club please.

  • The Fall — AHHH! Love it, love it so much! There’s probably a book out there around a serial killer but I don’t think the main POV and the whole process is from the killer’s perspective. The Fall centers Paul Spector, and his victims, family and a detective trying to bring him down but we get it from the killer’s POV and not the detective.
  • American Horror Story — It took me a few years to discover it – I usually don’t fall into the hype, same with The Walking Dead – and OMG the horror! But I love it, I love how mysterious it is but kind of not holding back as well, a book featuring all these mini horror plots would be amazing to read even though visually it’s stunning!

That was it! If you have a book similar to these please let me know! Do you have a favorite book/TV series you’d love to read as a book?



6 thoughts on “Movies To Books

  1. I’ve never seen these, but I could definitely see myself reading some if they were books! Time Lapse sounds really interesting. When I first saw a preview for The Age of Adaline I immediately looked to see if it were a book and was so disappointed that it wasn’t lol. Here’s my TTT 🙂


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