Lucky by J.M. Darhower

LUCKYTitle: Lucky
Author: J.M. Darhower
Genres: Romantic Suspense, Thriller  
Release Day: September 1st 2015
ARC was kindly provided by the author, in exchange for an honest review ♥
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Lucky, is a small prequel – included in a compilation of short
stories – to an upcoming standalone romantic suspense/thriller titled “Twenty to Life“.

Lucky by J.M. Darhower – One night. That’s all Maddalena Bazzoli has left before family duty kicks in. Tomorrow, she’ll be a committed woman, so tonight? Tonight she’s getting lucky and throwing caution to the wind.

5 lucky stars!

“In another life, maybe this could’ve meant something.”

SHE DID IT AGAIN PEOPLE! This tiny prequel is the introduction to to her upcoming standalone Twenty To Life, the Mafia Queen’s new mafia book! This book features Maddalena Bazzoli the only daughter of notorious mob boss Camillo Bazzoli and her arranged marriage with her father’s choice, the rival family, in order to merge the two powerful families together.


I didn’t even know there was a standalone coming so as you can imagine I did fangirl when I got the ARC so much, I’m a huge fan and it’s truly an honor to be able to read and have read all of Jessica’s books way ahead of time.

This book, even though short, it gave me a major book hangover because that’s just what she does, she creates these worlds – not only her mafia themes but her supernatural ones too – that are so beautiful and unique in their own way but still raw and captivating and she makes you fall in love with her characters in any situation she put them through – seriously I fell in love with Luce and still love him no matter what – and next thing you know, book hangover! Evil. So amazing.

This is an arrangement; it’s that simple. You’ll do your part, and that’s that. It means nothing.

This was hot and mysterious but deep and teasing all the way, it gives the readers just enough to hint at the epicness to follow.

“I’m getting married to a man I don’t love.”
“I’m not supposed to. It’s not about love. Doesn’t matter how I feel about it.”

This tiny novella was explosive! If there’s one person to put a unique story together is her and I can’t wait for this book, THAT ENDING!!! Impatiently waiting for Twenty To Life ♥



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