Vampires YA 101


Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature meme hosted by the Broke and the Bookish. Every week they post a new top ten list and everyone is welcome to join.

This week’s topic was too easy to do and fun I think I went a little Halloweenish there oops but I couldn’t resist! Top Ten Books That Would Be On Your Syllabus If You Taught X 101. So I picked vampires since I’ve been meaning to reread some of these books when I finally find the time to do so.


If anyone was to ever assign me a class to teach (students beware!) then vampires is definitely something I know all too well.

Let’s see what Vampires 101 would look like ♥


Traditional Vamps :: Not exactly YA but my favorite vampire brothers, they sleep during the day and hunt to kill at night, they have mated partners and they drink blood. Also they are your typical alpha male (as much as I don’t like to use that phrase but it’s true) and again, if you’re a vampire lover you have too check this series out! Every student’s nightmare comes in a huge series of books.

Magical Vamps :: Vampires with magical powers rock! Vampires with magical powers in a vampire academy even more! Classes at night and sleeping during the day. The Moroi are often royal and they have guards — the half vampires called Dhampirs are after the bad vampires the Strigoi — this series is all about the vamps!

Vegetarian Vamps :: You know you love them! I most certainly do, they are another kind of vampire and still a favorite kind. I like my vamps sparkling and vegetarian thank you very much!

My monkey man!

What was I say? Oh right!

Bad Vamps :: Plenty of vampires in YA and the Mortal Instruments have “the bad ones” or at least not a vampire a reader would root for. (Or I wouldn’t root for?) Still a touch of vampires in the huge list of paranormal of the series!

There you have it! Now when can I start teaching people? I promise I’ll make it a good and fun class! LOL! What would you choose? ♥



3 thoughts on “Vampires YA 101

  1. I love me some vampires too. I like them a little bit traditional with a mix of magical, not sure about vegetarians, although I do love twilight, and bad vampires are no fun. I think I would ace your classes, I’ve read all of the above and more. Cool post!


  2. Love your take on this week’s TTT, Kei! And your graphics are *AWESOME*! 🙂 Love what you did with those. I haven’t read that many vamp books. Twilight (obvs) and The Mortal Instruments. Oh, and the Morganville Vampire series by Rachel Caine. I have the Vampire Academy box set at home but just haven’t got to it yet. I hear great things so I’m excited for the day I get to those. Hope I find some time to do TTT today! What a wide-open topic this week! 🙂

    Tanya @ Girl Plus Books


    • Thank you so much, Tanya! I love my vampires so I had fun with this one! I love how Twilight is an obvious read ❤ I cannot recommend these books enough, the Black Dagger Brotherhood is a top favorite (all over my blog LOL) and soooo good! As the others of course ❤


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