Caged: Takedown Teague by Shay Savage


ARC was kindly provided by the author via TRSOR in exchange for an honest review.

5 caged stars!

I can’t even tell you how much I absolutely love this book series! OMG so much love and even if MMA themed stories are not your cup of tea this one deserves a chance.

First of all, Shay Savage can write a mean plot, whether that includes cage fighters to Neanderthal stories to smoking hot dudes, she’s got it and she hooks you in from the first page, plus she’s one of the very few who can nail a male POV so she’s forever on my list of favorite authors!

Liam, oh Liam… He’s a cage fighter and my knowledge of those things go as far as Rocky 1-2-18 or how many movies there are I don’t remember but this dude, he got me so excited about it, I’ve read lots of fighter themed books but never one as raw as this one, plus the POV narration is simply put captivating and that’s always a plus since you don’t get many good male POVs in YA or NA for that matter. Liam is a dude, he thinks like a dude inside his head and it’s refreshing to get away from all the inner girl thoughts.

caged teaser 5

Walking home one day after a fight, Liam saves Tria from a couple of thugs and that’s it; she is a sweetheart but also tough enough to be around a guy like him, they both have zero filter and they just fit in an unconventional but beautiful way.

caged teaser 1


Also, be prepared for her enormous pursue…

Both of them have fucked up pasts and secrets but instead of tearing them apart, it brings them closer. I just loved being inside Liam’s head, the guy pretty much rocks and he’s just amazing and completely swoon worthy it’s crazy how unlike any other book with the same thing this one was, it stands out and it shines so bright, loved it.

“There was me, and there was her, and there was us.”

Plus it made me love Tria more than I would cause I was seeing her through his eyes, and let me tell you…

Hands down I loved it and you need to meet Liam, you NEED to!





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