Ride Steady by Kristen Ashley


2 stars!

Oh boy here we go… I had no intention to read another KA book (at least not an MC book, I do like her PRN books!) but it was up on netgalley and I was curious to see if this one was different from the rest of MC books.

It wasn’t.

KA fans will love it because it follows the same been done before KA pattern. Damsel in distress alert! The heroine is a woman who apparently lives in a world where a mother has absolutely no rights for her child when her ex husband is a rich attorney. That is simply the most cringe worthy fact of all. Extensive talk of how she was forced to stop breastfeeding because her ex at the time didn’t want to stop feeding his child from a bottle during his custody time. COME ON. The heroine also has no relatives, they all died apart from a father that lives far away. So she’s alone and has partial custody of her son. Her ex husband’s model girlfriend though (who actually decorated her house at some point) is kind enough to drop her son off secretly so she can see him when he’s sick.

Everything that could go wrong in a person’s life, has happened to this woman; her high school sweetheart turned asshole, her lawyer wants sex instead of money and her house is crappy. Her car broke down but the hero in a motorcycle appeared in front of her to introduce her to his club friends who will offer her a babysitter, a brand new house, ridiculous clothes, lots of friends, will pimp her ride, will help her move and so on, all free of charge from the goodness of their hearts.

Also, she makes the badass biker put money in a swear jar, cause she’s a sweetheart and she’s never cursed at her ex husband who is not giving her any child support because of course his entire family is loaded and his grandpa or whoever is the freaking judge. Pity her, please, someone pity her, save her and offer her money. She’s a woman, with a post birth pouch. She’s not perfect. She’s not a model. She bakes. She’s willing to get on her knees to pay the lawyer (lucky her the MC has the lawyer part covered too! HOW FREAKING AWESOME IS THAT?). I wonder what would have happened to her if the hero didn’t show up…. Lucky me, I don’t have to wonder! The woman in the book got the man on time to save her from the crappy life she was living, now she can go shopping and wear biker babe tube tops with hoop earrings. SWOON.

Apart from a few scenes, mainly what had to do with Joker’s childhood, which were so good and heartbreaking, the rest was just not. Also, what is going on with the heroine’s speech? Anyway…






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