Ruin & Rule by Pepper Winters


ARC kindly provided by the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

2 stars!

I hate writing these reviews and I never post them on the blog, I like to keep things positive here but after a series of 2 stars I have to post something…

I was curious about PW writing an MC book not gonna lie, but I didn’t even think I’d get approved (but apparently after the 80% mark on netgalley, magic happens)… here’s the thing about PW books in my opinion, her blurbs are so freaking amazing you can’t help but think this is going to be the winning one but it’s not.


I’ve given up on the idea of reading a good MC book, like really good SOA good book. Most of them are too couple-themed dramatic to focus on MC activities. There are a few books that try but don’t get close. I get it, maybe no one wants to read about MC rivals and wars and killings and gun trade or all sorts of MC trade, but it would be a good change for once. Anyway.

This one unlike King did the whole memory loss thing weird. The heroine from the first chapter had zero sense of self preservation. None. And even though from the start I kinda got the why, it was still not presented in such a way that the reader will go yeah I get it why she wants to stay with the person that is about to freaking sell her along with five other women. I get it. That didn’t happen. From the start she feels this familiar I can’t put my finger on it feeling that he wouldn’t hurt her. Like, I’m sorry the blindfold and the fact that he stripped you to inspect you as a merchandise to sell was somehow comforting and homey? REALLY?! Even the hero was confused with her reaction, honestly.

“You’re going to clean me?” He swallowed. “You’re going to bathe me, feed me, and stay… even though only hours ago my brothers kidnapped you and you woke in the compound of the Pures?”
Ignoring most of that, I asked, “The Pures?”
He frowned, still unable to figure out if I was insane or just incredibly stupid. “Pure Corruption. My MC. You do understand I’m the president?” His hand swept up, heavy and slightly shaky to press against my temple. “I’m seriously fearing for your mental capacity.”
Ignoring that, too, I asked, “How did you become president?” Keep him talking. Every word from his lips was like a bread crumb leading to a meal I desperately wanted to devour.
He breathed out hard. “None of your damn business.”

Yes, please, ignore everything, including the chance to run away cause YOLO!


As for the MC president, he had the whole I’m the Prez, whatever I say goes thing going on.


First half of the book was so over the top and it gave no clues whatsoever, none. The later half was good, the story had something to give but if I have to wait for +50% to get a sense of WTF is happening, then no…

Pepper Winters fans will love it, sure, and I have more on my TBR left. I’m not giving up so easily!





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