Priest by Sierra Simone


ARC kindly provided by the author, in exchange for an honest review.

3 lamb stars!

It depends on how the reader wants to view the book; as smutty or as a deeper taboo book? To me it was neither I suppose. There were enough facts to back it up and give it a little more story than the obvious but that wasn’t analyzed enough, I actually wanted to know more about Tyler’s decision to become a priest (which later on and with Poppy in the mix didn’t make much sense to be honest). And Poppy, there was hardly anything about her apart from the fact that Tyler was hot and she wanted that, simple as that. Her whole confession/backstory felt kind of flat to me and was there just to give her an excuse to go after him as aggressively as she did.

But was this by far the hottest smutty book? Yes! Admittedly sex scenes back to back can be tiring and skip-able, same things happen sort of, so yeah. With this one, I don’t know how but every scene (and there where A LOT) was different in a way, I mean WOAH! I usually go like yeah yeah I know but not here!

Father Tyler Bell (#Tylerettes!!!) is an ordinary (but smoking hot) priest, he has a really painful past and it gave this story the background and depth it needed if only it had been explained more; when Poppy first comes into confession he’s intrigued to see the troubled woman and when they meet each other and start talking, BAM it’s on! There’s no surprise when it comes to this book, you know what you’re getting into and let me tell you…

Tyler is WOW, I mean W-O-W he’s something else!

Poppy is pretty much exactly what he needs to break his celibacy (might as well do it right, you know?) and boy, did he… multiple times! The drama at the end was kind of not needed, the book is pretty much above and beyond so a normal ending would have been more suitable, but the theme I guess didn’t leave much space for normal.

Overall, if you want a hot, taboo book this is it!





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