Where I Belong by J. Daniels


4 swoony stars!

I have to say, this turned out totally different than what I had in my mind, in a good way. It was sweet and cute and it did have a good history to back it up, I really really liked it.

Kids can be cruel, whether they are aware of it or not, words can hurt more than actions and Mia’s childhood nightmare was her best friend’s brother, Ben. Ben was simply put a jackass and he treated her like crap when they were kids and Mia is still not over it, understandably so, she was a chubby kid and Ben made fun of her a lot. No one likes to be made fun of, so Mia is still holding a grunge.

At first I didn’t like Ben as much because he easily got into Mia’s looks – a huge contrast to what teen Ben treated her like – and I got the feeling that if Mia wasn’t hot he wouldn’t be as hell bend to get her to forgive him but over the course of the story he really understood how much words can hurt and he genuinely wanted to make it up to her; sometimes kids can be mean for no reason, sad but true. I don’t know, that part was really weird for me but he turned out to be a good guy in the end.


Mia really did give him a hard time even when he went all caveman on her, she really stood her ground and I loved it, it was refreshing to have a heroine like that, plus Ben is kinda swoony, plus they are so freaking cute together and Ben, oh boy the mouth on that man, he is hot and they were explosive together!





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