Unspoken by Brenda Rothert

Unspoken 3 misunderstood stars! This is one of those stories, if an event hadn’t occurred it wouldn’t have triggered the entire story and yet I really enjoyed it. Palmer and Brady broke off their engagement over a misunderstanding, in fact it was so silly, too silly, but understandably when people’s feelings get hurt they tend to let their anger rule over. Palmer is taking care of her mom, and when they get the news that she’s dying, it makes her rethink her future, taking care of her mom and her little brother’s health all the while planning a wedding just won’t be possible. Brady is kind of too much in this; he gets upset over the smallest details and he’s just an asshole sometimes, after their break up he went all out and start sleeping with everything that moves and when he finally sees Palmer again he goes all caveman on her, not cool. What I really didn’t buy was the fact that they hadn’t spoken to one another since their break up, you don’t go from planning a wedding to no speaking at all, it just doesn’t work like that. I would’ve rated this with 2 stars but the sex scenes I won’t lie they were pretty hot, it really felt like a rekindle of their romance and I actually liked that!





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