Need by K.I. Lynn & N. Isabelle Blanco


4 holy hotness stars!

This is one of those books! I totally requested it cause I love everything K.I. Lynn writes, I’ve been reading her work since she was writing fanfiction and I loooove her so I was already half sold on this, so I start reading it, just the first couple of chapters, I told myself, let’s see if it’s good. And that was it. HOOKED. I love forbidden love stories, especially those that are well-written and with lots of depth to back it up, this one was just perfect!

I’m her man. She’s my girl. I’m coming for her, whether she wants me to or not.

The story starts with Brayden, Kira and her brother Ryan as neighbors, their friendship as kids was so adorable to read, baby Kira was sneaky adorable! Ryan and Brayden being a little older than her, want to hang out alone but Kira has none of that! When Brayden’s parents divorce and after years of fighting, his faith in love gets crushed. Fighting his feelings for Kira though becomes harder as they grow older and one night he caves and kisses her; that’s all it takes for him to realize that he needs to tell her about his feelings and fight for her, even though she’s his best friend’s younger sister. That is until out of the blue, his father and Kira’s mom announce that they’re getting married.

All I want is her and I can’t have her. Not anymore. She was supposed to be my girl.

I can’t even begin to tell you how much I loved the way the story progressed. It’s definitely not your typical step-brother story (is there even such a thing?) but it definitely had good amounts of angst, romance and of course dirty smoking hot talk, I mean whoa!


Their love story progressed so effortlessly and so beautifully it gave a whole other depth to the story, Brayden comes from a broken family, he feels alone since he can’t very well share his misery over not being able to act on his feelings for her with his best friend, or even his family and Kira on the other hand truly knows what she wants and she’s not afraid to go after it, or him, and that is definitely not helping. Of course, Brayden having no way of getting the girl had to do the cliché, I have to find another one to take my mind off of that one but oh well, a blip in the awesomeness radar, overall, I freaking loved it and of course I’ll be waiting for the 2nd book!!!





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