Monthly Recap – January 2015

January was a slow month I have to say, let’s hope February is better!

My reviews ♥

My memes ♥

My blog tours & ARCs ♥

My TBR list ♥

Those are A LOT of books this month, until next time…

for more reviews, my read shelf:

Kei ⋆ Lovely Pages Reviews ⋆'s book recommendations, liked quotes, book clubs, book trivia, book lists (read shelf)



2 thoughts on “Monthly Recap – January 2015

  1. Those books were the ones you received this month? It’s a long one! 😉 I sometimes have slow months too, besides, it was the holidays. Or the month after the holidays at least, so you’re good. 😀


    • I assume you mean my TBR, no those are the books I’ve added on Goodreads this month, some are ARCs so I’ll definitely read those, the rest are on a very long list LOL January was VERY slow I was surprised but now I’ve got a month of ARCs to look forward too, good times ahead! 😀


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