Anguish by Bella Jewel

Anguish by Bella Jewel

3 stars!

I’m a little torn about Anguish. From the little glimpse I got from the previous books, I was very eager to read this one; Mack is surprised to find out he has a baby and he is in desperate need for a full time nanny. Sure it was a bit cheesy but Mack seemed like the kind of guy that would make this interesting and indeed he did.

What I didn’t like about this was the heroine, Jaylah. To say that she was a classic would be an understatement. She messed with the wrong people for the wrong reason and pretty much did everything wrong to fix her mess. That’s how she ended up working for Mack, in need for cash. Apart from her previous actions, she really had a way of pissing me off; walking around half naked, crushing on her boss (duh!) and acting childish, having no clue whatsoever how to not treat a baby and making me cringe all the time is just to name a few. Needless to say, she wasn’t what kept me going.

Mack was a strong asset to the story, the tough broken-hearted guy that wasn’t up for anything close to a relationship especially with the nanny that he has to share a roof with. What I really liked about this was Mack’s history with his baby mama. It kind of contradicted his wanna-be love story with the heroine since there were too many details about them and her presence was strong throughout the book even she isn’t even alive. I wanted to know more, I wanted their background story, the sneaking around – oh I forgot to mention his baby mama is his sister in law, so yeah – the love letters, everything! I was actually kind of sad they he didn’t end up with her.

See? I was rooting for other couple, that says a lot.

There were some pretty funny scenes that I enjoyed and of course a few dramatic ones as well. Another thing that kept me going was the secondary characters, I kind of missed them all and it was nice to have them back.

I have an idea about the next book – if there’s going to be another one that is – and I’m hoping I’m right and fingers crossed I won’t be disappointed!





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