Rogue by Katy Evans

Rogue by Katy Evans

5 I-need-a-King stars!

Move over Remy cause Greyson King is here and OMG what a guy! First of all let me say that this is not a part of the Real series even though technically it’s book number 4 but there’s no Remy and Brooke here.

This book is about Brooke’s bubbly friend, Melanie and the mysterious guy she meets, Greyson. My love for the series is known, I love Remy so much and when I started reading this one I thought I would like it, sure, but not nearly as much as a book with Remy and Brooke. Oh how wrong I was, I love getting surprised by books this way, Greyson literally came to life and hooked me into the story, there’s was no room for doubt, Greyson and Melanie’s amazing chemistry and their emotional depth and they way they connected, kind of an opposites attract way, was epic to read and hand down, this is a must read!

The nature of this book and the details it contains from the previous books kind of makes it possible for someone to read it as a standalone if you don’t mind a few spoilers for the first books.

We met Melanie in the first book but we only get a small glimpse of her and her bubbly personality but make no mistake, Melanie despite her happy go lucky self isn’t an airhead and she isn’t that kind of girl that will make me roll my eyes while reading, she’s not just one the rest and I might have liked her a little bit more than Brooke, sorry Brooke! Due to Melanie’s past, she feels obligated to please everyone in her life and mostly her parents and to always be happy and grateful for the life she was given, this part will make sense when you read the book I don’t want to spoil it but she’s not a doormat, at all. In fact, she is a tough cookie, her only weakness is that she wants to find the one, that one guy to take home to her parents and love her like Remy loves Brooke, unconditionally and fiercely.

“I am prepared to fall, and fall hard, if only I would just find him.”

And fall she did but he wasn’t exactly the one, not even close. Greyson King is basically the guy you under no circumstances want in your life, and Melanie with one mistake invited him to hers and he’s not going anywhere.

Oh how much I loved Greyson, he made it to my Verified Book Boyfriends list from the get go!

“As long as I have breath in me, you’re going to be my princess.”

“As long as I have breath in me, you’re going to be my princess.”

Greyson is the reluctant Prince of the Underground, the very same Remy is a fighter for and he is not a good guy. Not even close. Greyson is the collector, he is untraceable and he is ruthless, all he wants is to complete the task he was given and leave the Underground for good.

Greyson’s only weakness is Melanie, Brooke’s friend that cheers for Remy like Greyson wants her to do for him, if he was a different guy that is. And then, one night brings those two together and it feels so natural it’s unfair to all one night stands.

ROGUE Katy Evans

Even if the same pattern is here, he doesn’t feel worthy of her and she feels inadequate to be with a man like him, they both go against their beliefs and relentlessly pursue one another.

“He is the one. The one who’s going to wreck me. Hurt me. Demolish me. The one who is going to remove every inch of the girl in me. He will be the memory I will never forget, and good or bad, he will be THE one I dream of.”

This is why I loved the story so much and why it surprised me with the intensity of it; these characters despite their better judgement and everything that’s screaming, this is wrong, they keep holding on to each other and face every obstacle together instead of letting them hurt them and drive them apart. Melanie despite everything life throws her way keeps the smile on her face and a positive glass half full attitude which was refreshing and Greyson, I just want to hug that dude, being the guy that literally no one cares about and having to face life on your own and become something you’re not to basically save yourself and those you love but at the same time not being the guy with the hero complex that has to save everyone.

Oh and again, it’s a Katy Evans thing, because the sex scenes had the most intimate I-can’t-look-away-from-it thing going on and it was just swoony.

Hands down a must read if you’re in need of a deep emotional love story that will hook you from the start and will make you swoon, laugh and fall in love with a few more fictional characters!





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