Top Ten Tuesday: Top Ten Characters I Wish Would Get Their OWN Book


Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature meme hosted by the Broke and the Bookish. Every week they post a new top ten list and everyone is welcome to join.

Hey lovelies! I’ve been waiting all week for this TTT because of one person!


As you can see this will not be a top ten, more like just a few names because those came first to mind and I kind of like keeping it that way since nowadays every book series seems to be getting a spin off or a sequel or a something-that-has-to-do-with-other-characters. But not these guys…. WHY?! The man that deserves it more than any other fictional character ever written…

Professor Severus Snape

The one and only that doesn’t need introduction. My mind literally screamed SNAPE when I saw the title of this week’s TTT. JK Rowling, I love you and all but GIVE SNAPE HIS OWN BOOK OKAY?! PLEASE AND THANK YOU. I’m not okay.

Oh my poor heart can’t handle this! I’ll be waiting for Snape’s book. Always.

Fritzgelder Perlmutter

Fritz is the guy that needs introduction and then people go like ohh that guy, the lovely doggen within Master Wrath’s household and I loooove him! He’s probably the only person whose book will be full of amazing moments, little bits and pieces we don’t get to see even while reading 12 soon to be 13 and I hope many more of the Black Dagger Brotherhood books.

“I am Fritzgelder Perlmutter.”

“And how long have you beenwith the family.”

“I was born unto them seventy-seven years ago.”

Edward Cullen

I’m a Twilight girl through and through and I’m still waiting for Midnight Sun

Emmett Cullen

But my #1 guy will always be Emmett Cullen — always seems to be the choice word today, oh well — and I would love nothing more than to get a glimpse of this mind pre-Twilight and post-pretty-much-till-the-end-of-time.

Thanks for enduring my fangirling moments!



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