Melancholy by Bella Jewel

Melancholy by Bella Jewel

4 rescue-me stars!

Color me surprised I actually enjoyed this one so much! You know I love a good MC book and the first one of the series was pretty awesome and it did introduce these characters and of course Mack (Jokers’ Wrath book three Anguish I CAN’T FREAKING WAIT) so I started this one loving Maddox – for those of you that have read the first book, you do remember I hope the smoking hot scene at the end, and yes it surprised me too but I kinda loved it, kudos to the author for the originality, you don’t see a lot of MC boys willing to share…

Maddox and Santana were introduced on the first book and they’re freaking amazing, she’s a stubborn spitfire and he’s the usual need to protect her kinda guy so you can only imagine what their book was like. Maddox saved Santana’s life. While doing it he also kept a big secret from her and I totally see where he’s standing on this, while trying to undo his mistake and make it up to her, he’s keeping a distance between them – even though those two could light the house on fire when they’re together – knowing she’ll be pretty pissed of when she finds out and all the romantic notions will fly out of the window. He’s selfish alright.

Santana, which was introduced previously, kind of lost a few badass points when she insists on being stubborn and doing exactly the opposite from what she’s told even though there’s someone out there that wants her dead, she’s still way cooler than most MCs in similar situations so there.

Both of them had a few moments which really made me want to slap them but it doesn’t really matter, there was a lot of MC stuff going on which is welcomed and a rare thing for MC books ironically and for the most part the story really had my undivided attention and unwillingness to put it down. Now I can’t wait for the third one but after that epilogue I have to say I have high expectations!





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