Joseph Fallen by M.S. Willis

Joseph Fallen by M.S. Willis

4 not-a-happy-ending stars!

The Estate series is possible the one thing I will willingly read knowing that there might not be a single happy moment and maybe not even a HEA. I wasn’t even sure I ever wanted to know about Joseph’s story because he is a major psychopath and I’m really glad that he got what he deserved. But this story…

Arianna truly broke my heart. If it is possible I liked this story more than Madeleine Abducted! I got a pretty good idea of The Estate and how it came to be, of Joseph and how he went all psycho and of course about Xander and Aaron – OMG – Aaron!

Gritty, dark and at some points even pretty much horrifying and disgusting, I can easily say that I should have started with this one!

What he said, I have to warn you, this is not like any other dark novel you might have read, this is detailed – d e t a i l e d – and doesn’t really care about your feelings as a reader – which I loved. There’s no redemption for the bad guy but reading this, I got to see what Joseph was like before he went all psycho.

An ordinary man, so very much in love with his wife trying to create something huge but of course loosing himself in the process and letting his demons take over, turning him into a blood thirsty monster that is truly unstoppable, and I mean it, unstoppable and heartless.

But the truth now slapping her in the face, she realized her husband had fallen and she’d been too ignorant to pull him back.

There’s nothing fun about The Estate. About what’s happening on the inside and how no one is really safe, as a dark book I think it accomplished a great deal of making me feel so insecure about the future of some of these characters, nothing mattered here, age, gender, status, nothing, Joseph clearly sees nothing but the goal, get more, do more, be more, and that was fantastic!

If you love dark novels, this is for you, if you think you love dark novels, I don’t really know…





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