Two Roads by Lili St. Germain


ARC was kindly provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

5 OMG stars!

Okay, so by now, I must sound like a broken record when it comes to the Gypsy Brothers but OMG what did I just read? Lili really knows how to break a girl’s heart and keep on smashing the tiny tiny tiny pieces that are left on the hard, cold ground. That being said, I loved every minute of that pain, because if you thought the previous books were hard to read, this will surprise you, it actually made me cry like a baby.

We, the readers through Julz’s story, have come a long way from the first book and each one is another punch in the stomach. Like always, I don’t want to spoil because that’s the beauty of this series, the element of – constant – surprise. Julz and Jase have been through hell at the hands of Dornan Ross and now that the worst seem to be over, I was curious to see how their new situation was going to affect them both.

“Two Roads. Two choices. To let go? To give up?
No. I would never – will never- give up.
I take the road less traveled. I write my own fate.
I deliver my own justice.
I wreak my own special brand of revenge.
And I won’t stop, until they’re all dead, until it’s all done, until I wipe Dornan Ross from the face of this earth.”

Their world, filled with vengeance and blood as it is, is a hard on to be a part of, so of course, along the way both of them have lost a part of themselves, the last book was about Jase’s story and how he came to be a part of something he wanted to have nothing to do with. And now, on top of everything they have both lost, they are facing another tragedy together.

That’s me when I think about it. Damn you, Dornan Ross!

What I found hard to read though, to think that Jase had to go through that, was his story with Julz’s father and how Jase ended up killing him in order to prove himself, well, sort of anyway.

After the ending, I’m geniunly afraid to read the next one because there is no way out of it right now and I’ve come to love those two and want a happy ending for them, as hard as that can be to achieve. For the fans of this series, grab some tissues and read it, for those of you that are waiting for it to be complete, grab some tissues and read it.





2 thoughts on “Two Roads by Lili St. Germain

  1. I love reviews with a well-used OMG and exclamation points. I am so running out and starting this series! Not like I need to add another one, but I suppose it’ll keep me busy while Diana Gabaldon writes the 9th Outlander book.


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