Reasonable Doubt: Volume Three by Whitney Gracia Williams


5 Andrew-is-back stars!

Ohh this series was truly amazing! The last one ended on a cliffhanger and I was waiting for some major reaction from Aubrey and I got it! She is amazing in this one – of course she is amazing in general, a woman that doesn’t hold back and will push back just as hard. When Andrew proved to be an asshole, she left him. And I loved her. As much as I love Andrew and his assholeness, Aubrey is the only woman to be able to handle it and she does it in an amazing way.

Andrew has secrets. Throughout the story you can guess what is going on with him and his past but reading about it made understand his lifestyle and the way he treated those around him.


Tired of all the vague and mixed signals, Aubrey leaves and for Andrew that works as a wake up call.

“I liked you as ‘Thoreau, but I loved you as Andrew.”

“I actually miss when I was Alyssa and you were Thoreau.
Back when you were a fucking liar?
Back when you treated me better…”

She follows her dream and she doesn’t give up. She is determined to make it work and while working, forget all about him. But Andrew finds his way at her door again, and when he does, Aubrey takes revenge. I loved that part. I just loved it. Yes, Anrew had a heavy background – one that I have read before truth be told and I get it but I loved her so much at that point.

“Is there super glue on my floor?

The usual one-night-only Andrew starts to see things straight and realize the loss. He wants her back and he will fight for her.

Reasonable Doubt by Whitney G.

I would have rated this one with four stars due to Andrews past and the fact that from all three books this one had the less interaction between the two but Aubrey’s amazing  character deserves five. I will miss this story so much, Andrew’s dirty mouth and his cockiness, Aubrey’s sass and their sexy moments.





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