Angels in Leather by Bella Jewel


4 brutal stars!

What I loved about this story was the way it was written – of course I loved the story but I loved it because of the way it was written and the sequence of the events.

This one started with a BANG. Meadow’s always adored Axel. He did save her life once and literally pulled her from the edge.

“I know how it feels to be surrounded by darkness, Cricket. But don’t you ever…ever let it consume you.”

Fast forward, he is the one responsible for her father’s death and now he is after her and the valuable information she has. The chase is amazing, Meadow is resourceful and tough, she knows her way around him and she outsmarts him a lot. I loved that about the story. The mystery and the constant wondering of how those two people can possible find common ground.

Axel is ruthless, he will stop at nothing in order to get his hands on her and the USB drive with all the info he needs in order to save his club.


When he finally captures her, all his demons come out to play. He’s a fucked up guy and she gets to witness that first hand.

Axel’s past is brutal. Painful to the core and just awful. I did like the fact that once more Bella Jewel surprised me with Axel’s story cause usually in books more often than not women are the objects of abuse either mental or physical and this was refreshing – I’m really starting to like her books!

From the prologue till the end this book held me captive and I could not put it down. Axel and Meadow’s relationship is far from easy or perfect or even at points understandable. What he went through and later what he puts her through, it was fascinating watching those two working out their issues and finding that common ground. She’s tough and she knows how to push his buttons, he is cruel and dark.

The reason why I didn’t rate it with five starts where the small plot holes and inaccuracies I thought didn’t make much sense but it is fiction after all so – not everything – but a lot are possible! Overall, bring on the next Bella Jewel book!





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