Devil’s Game by Joanna Wylde

Devil's Game

Reading Order

3 devil’s stars!

Now, before I begin with my review I have to say, 3 stars are pretty good considering I liked this book as much as the first two of the series and if we hadn’t read half of the story from the second book, this would have gotten 4 stars. But we did, so 3 it is.

I’m starting to love this series. Like I have previously said Reapers MC series is pretty original and raw when it comes to club business. There is actual history to be found there and it is not around a character (MC member) and a girl.

Same with this one, the Reapers MC come face to face with the Devil’s Jack. This could be a Motorcycle Club version of Romeo and Juliet.

Rival families that have been enemies for years.

Liam is the bad guy, he was raised that way and the good part of the story is that he doesn’t change his way when he meets Em. On the contrary until the end he remains that way only slightly less of an asshole.

From the get go, Liam is using Em as a way to get back at the Reaper’s. She has been secluded her whole life, surrounded by the members, never been a normal girl with normal relationships. After a heartbreak, Liam sneaks his way into her life and when she finds herself alone with him. He kidnaps her.

This part of the story we already had read from Sophie’s POV so at this point I was trying not to skip pages but the thing with this story is that Liam and Em had an amazing chemistry and Liam being Liam isn’t too hesitant about being with a girl while he has her kidnapped and Em isn’t too weak to fight back. These two…

Em of course is used to the club life so thankfully this book was free of drama – as much as an MC book can be. But there was no “I’m not a property” like the rest of the books. Em is an MC princess and she pretty much understood where Liam comes from and what his actions mean. Liam is honest from the beginning, as much of an asshole as he is he is never trying to cover his life style or the way he thinks about her, the club and their little rough start. Which was refreshing to read.

Devil's Game

Overall, if you are an MC fan – and of course if you have read the first two book of the series – this is one is worth it! Joanna Wylde has a way of sucking you into this world of crime and passion, and even though the characters are on the rough side and they won’t hesitate to take matters into their hands, they also are fiercely protective and lovable.





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