Dragon’s Lair by Chantal Fernando

Dragon's Lair by Chantal Fernando

4 Sin stars!

I’m tempted to say that there is almost no originality when it comes to this books – because there isn’t to be honest – but when it comes to MC books there is only so much originality to be expected. Bikes, MC outlaws, club whores, guns et cetera are the usual suspects. This book was no exception and yet I liked it more than I thought I would!

It could use a good editing because the flow of the plot felt too rushed and chopped at parts with little to almost none details that would make it an amazing read.

So, the question is, what did I like so much  about it.

The characters.

MC characters tend to be flawed and with heavy backgrounds that have to be peeled slowly and reveal a beautiful story. This one had just that – though again a little attention to details wouldn’t hurt but whatever.

Dex aka Sin as the club calls him is the VP of the Wind Dragons and Eric’s brother. Eric is Faye’s ex-boyfriend.

That in itself was original. I personally have not read an MC book with this kind of brotherly behavior. From the moment I understood what was happening, I was hooked!

Dragon's Lair

“I breathe you babe. There is no other way to explain it. “

Faye and Dex’s story begins when she finds her boyfriend cheating on her. One night with Dex and she’s in too deep.

“How did I get so fucking lucky? I’m going to send a thank you letter to the condom company.”

That was another original part of the story, an MC book that starts with a pregnancy! I was so looking forward to Faye joining the MC world and having to deal with all these tough guys and their old ladies. And I got just that! To say that I devoured the book in hours would be an understatement.

“There is no what happens on the road stays on the road with us.” I let my expression tell him how serious I am about this.
“Have you been watching Sons of Anarchy again?” he asks…”

Faye and Dex were adorable! She was a nerdy law student and he almost let get get away with anything.

Almost. Because you know… MC guys… hot girl…

And they kind of do since Dex in used to having a different girl every night and yet Faye can’t exactly go around the club. But all is good. More than that. Minimal drama which was refreshing and equally amazing secondary characters that made the story all that much addictive.

“Dexter Black turned my world upside down, but then gave me his.”

Overall, just writing the review makes me want to read the story again! This was my first book from the author but it definitely won’t be my last – especially since this is the first book of the series.





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