The King by J.R. Ward

The King by JRWard

Long live the King stars!

This review contains spoilers if you haven’t read the rest of the books.

The Black Dagger Brotherhood series is all over my blog and my obsession with it is no secret, so as you can guess, I cried when it went live and I cried through it as well. Because it’s Wrath! And even though Zsadist is my favorite brother, Wrath holds a special place in my heart because he introduced me to this AMAZING world!

I don’t have anything to say about The King. I’ve been waiting for this book for a year and it went BEYOND my imagination. Proof, the fact that I’ve been sitting on this review for about ten days. Yes, it kind of gave me a serious case of book hangover and review hangover (the inability to write a proper review. Not a word? I don’t care.)

Wrath & Beth are back!


From the start this book was about Beth and Wrath trying to have a baby. The outcome? MINDBLOWING!

Of course the fact that the book was about them doesn’t mean the rest of the brotherhood was not hilarious and freaking awesome. Not at all.

“Rhage raised his hand. “Pastor Ass-hat, I have a question.” “Yes, my son, you ARE going to hell.” Lassiter made the sign of the cross and then looked around.”

This book is different on so many level. The way the characters grow, the way the plot thickens and the rich history shown in this one was unbelievable. Throughout the book, we get a few glimpses of Wrath’s past.

“Dearest Virgin Scribe, without his father, he was so alone, even as he was surrounded by people who served him.”

Of course, this couldn’t be a BDB book if a million other characters didn’t get their POVs and that is one of the many reasons to love this series. The way it twists around like a live camera filming their imaginary lives so we could get a glimpse of everyone this universe consists of.  Yes, there are moments that it gets a little annoying but overall, I’m used to it and I’ve grown to love it.

Wrath and Beth deep down are like any other couple. With their ups and downs.

“When were you going to tell me?” He demanded.

“Tell you what? That you can be a real asshole? How about right now.”

Sometimes being the King is easy but more times than not, it is very very hard.


And you can ask Beth, she’ll tell you. Beth wants a baby. She’s practically camping in Layla’s room, hoping that her presence will trigger her needing. Wrath on the other hand, is not happy about that fact. In the BDB’s world, pregnancies mean mostly death and he knows that all too well.

“Beth’s not on that train?”
“Nope. She’s not even in that station, that town, or that part of whatever country your metaphor lives in.”

I absolutely LOVE AND ADORE Beth.


She is amazing and she proves it all the time. So Beth being Beth, is taking matters into her own hands. And then, there is the glymera.

“You can call me Pastor-and before Mr. Sox Fan gets his panties in a wad, I want everyone to know I’m legit. I went online, took a minister’s course in under an hour, and I’m ordained, baby.”

Because every story needs a villain, the BDB world needs about a million more.


And Beth being Beth, saves the day!


Apart from the crying, this book – like the rest – has an unbelievable amound of hilarious lines! I was either grinning and laughing like a fool, or a sobbing mess!

“There was a sniffle from the crowd. At which point, Rhage’s voice hissed, “What. This is beautiful, ’kay? Fuck all y’all.”

Oh Rhage, I can’t wait for your book!

And at last…

“Sitting down beside her, he found her lower belly with his hand. “I love this.”
“Love what?”
“This bump thing you got going on.” He smiled. “That’s our young.”

Yes it is!

“A soooooooooooooooooooooon! I’m having a sooooooooooooooooooooooooon!” 


And they lived happily ever after with an unpredictable and amazing ending! Well.. until the next book that is!


Long live the King… 





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