Forbidden by Tabitha Suzuma

tabitha suzuma forbidden

5 wrong-but-oh-so-right stars!

I’ve wanted to write a proper review for Forbidden for a long time and still I won’t be able to do the book justice. When I read it I was an emotional wreck. This book is unbelievable.

It’s one of those kind of books; I was afraid to read it because I knew it would be a tearjerker. Lochan and Maya’s story is buried deep in my mind and two months after I read it I still think about this story and how heartbreaking yet magical it is!

Lochan and Maya and brother and sister. But their story is so much more than that. They grew up in a broken home. The two of them, their siblings and what I can only describe as a poor excuse of a mother. I have never hated a fictional character more than I hate her. NEVER!

With an absent father and that poor excuse of a mother – or a human being even – they manage to actually raise one another. The things they have to do to stay out of the Social Service’s radar and keep their family together was out of this world. Lochan and Maya throughout the entire book are trying to keep the family together and raise their siblings all the while their mother is being… well, not a mother. Naturally, a strange bond forms between the two.

But like the book cover says, reading it, it feels right. I almost completely forgot that they were siblings – well not really since they kind kept mentioning it – but almost.

Yes, there were parts that made me cringe because my mind was screaming wrong and yet at the same time it felt almost natural even though from the beginning I never saw them as siblings rather than two teens that were forced to play real-life house. But they made sure to remind of their status quite a bit so that was my only objection and the only thing that kind of put the incest theme back in line since there were times were I honestly considered they would reveal that they were not actually related. But anyway, like I said, this book is so much more than that.

Just read this. Read this book and cry your heart out. It is worth it. It took me a while to finish it, probably because of the writing – I LOVED THE WRITING SO MUCH – I actually read some sentences twice because they were just so beautiful and poetic!

And that ending, I DID NOT SEE THAT COMING! A must read!




2 thoughts on “Forbidden by Tabitha Suzuma

  1. I just finished the book and I didn’t see the ending coming either. An amazing book but Lochan’s decision in the end caught me off guard and I just couldn’t stop crying. I feel emotional drained now.
    P.s. I’m glad I’m not the only one who at times forgot they were siblings and started to ship the two of them together.


    • I know, I did not see that one coming and it broke my heart! I ship them so much, this book is more than just them being siblings, it’s deep and heartbreaking, loved it! No, you’re never alone when it comes to book feelings! 🙂


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