Come to Me Quietly by A. L. Jackson

Come to me Quietly

4 beautiful stars!

I read this last night, it kept me up all night and it was beautiful.

Aly has been in love with Jared since she was a little girl. He was her brother’s best friend and in a way her best friend too.


He was her protector, the one that made sure she was never left behind. And then something happened that made him leave it all behind.

“It was always you, Jared. Always. I can’t remember a day in my life when I didn’t love you.”

I loved this story, I loved the writing that was so effortless and hooked me into the story. I loved Aly, she was a good heroine. Not even once did I found myself rolling my eyes or thinking she was too much. No drama on her part at all.

The one thing that kept me from rating it with 5 stars was the flaw in the plot. The story went on without revealing what had happened between the two in the past and yet it was mentioned constantly. It didn’t make me understand them better and connect with them like I wanted to. I love it when a story doesn’t reveal the element that connects the two characters immediately but this dragged on more than it should and I kept making all this scenarios in my head that when the truth got revealed I was kind of let down.

Overall, I’ll be waiting for the next book!





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