Gabriel’s Redemption by Sylvain Reynard

Gabriel's Redemption

4 poetic stars!

What an amazing ending to a great love story.

I don’t have much to say about this book except that it was a perfect conclusion for these two.

Gabriel's Redemption

Gabriel and Julia’s story was amazing to read and fall in love with them. Two characters with a story like theirs finding one another again, and falling in love, against all odds.

Professor Emerson, the poet, finally found his Beatrice and Julia, had from the beginning found her one and only.

Gabriel & Julia

I had a few issues with this book – hence the 4 stars.

This book, like the previous two – although it’s been a while since I read them – had a huge amount of religious references. And even if I usually don’t mind them, it felt as if this story could do better without them. Gabriel’s Redemption – to me – is about him, making amends with himself and all the stuff he has been carrying since the first book. Especially some parts were too much.

That and of course the over the top ending. I might have had a small heart attack – probably just like Gabriel – a few pages before the book ended with a HEA.

Overall, I won’t compare it to other books – I hate that – but it is a must read. Literature, poetry, carefully structured characters, thick plot and modest yet passionate scenes, this book is beyond worth the read.





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