Hope Restrained by M. S. Willis

Hope Restrained

3 stars!

The Estate is back with another book this time, Xander’s story.

The premise of the story was pretty much the same, The Estate is ruthless and sadistic and bloody. But with Joseph gone, there is kind of no point to it without the main villain.

In Xander’s story I hoped for an equally strong story – like Madeleine Abducted – and even though I really liked it, this one lacked a few things.

I had a hard time trying to figure out when the events were taking place, how long after the first book and how long between different phases of the book. Throughout, I often wondered about it, especially since some POVs were those of the girls – Hope and her sister – that within their drugged state had no idea of the time frame. Maybe that was the goal of the author but the first book didn’t have this issue.

There was a case of ista-love, which I kind of hate at this point, unless it is – somehow – justified, in this case it was not.

I couldn’t connect to the characters, I was actually looking forward to more Aaron/Maddy scenes as the story progressed. And that is bad.

Overall it was a good read, it lacked a few key points but if you liked the first book then you should read this one, and definitely Joseph Fallen!

I find it ironic that your name is Hope…especially considering that you have none.





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