Reaper’s Legacy by Joanna Wylde


3 will do stars!

The thing about Reapers MC is that they are almost to the point – more so than any other MC book – about MC life and their rules.

Now, even if I liked this book more than the first one, Horse still sounds ridiculous but we got more info about his nickname, there were still some things that made me roll my eyes so many times I gave myself a headache.

To make it simple.

Boy wants girl. Girl wants boy. In about 99% of the book they’re denying the fact that they want to screw their brains out and they act like five year olds. And in the end all is well after more unnecessary drama where the heroine gets saved because again she acted like an immature girl and got into trouble.

And predictable.

It could have been A LOT better if they acted more mature – and in general this book seemed to be ruled by idiotic giggling girls that got stupid drunk and laughed till they fell off their chairs, in every single chapter – okay no, but mostly.

What I hope to avoid with the next one – Hunter & Em – is the whole phase till the heroine ‘gets’ their life style and the whole ‘property – me man you woman’ thing.





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