Seven Sons by Lili St. Germain


5 mindblowing stars!

To say that I was mindblown would be an understatement.

I knew this story would be amazing but I had no idea just how much it would reach into my chest and rip my heart out.

Loved every minute of it!

Seven Sons is the first book of many – probably seven or so books, one for each brother.

This first one, even though it was smaller than an average novel, it was an unbelievable debut, and I’m so on board with the Gypsy Brothers MC!

Julie Portland’s father was the President of Gypsy Brothers MC, not an innocent man but he was framed and killed for a crime he didn’t commit.

And Dornan Ross became the current President.

Juliette was only fifteen when Dornan Ross and his seven sons raped her and almost killed her.

“The police would like to talk to you,” Dornan said gravely. “I told them my dear niece was going to need some time alone with family first.” I stared at him in disbelief, disgusted at what he was implying. Uncle Dornan, posing as a fucking hero in the wake of my father’s absence.

seven sons

Now, on her twenty-first birthday, Julz changed. She became Samantha Peyton. A girl that Dornan Ross can’t resist. A woman on a mission.

Confucius said, “Before embarking upon a journey of revenge, dig two graves.”

I planned to dig seven.


Dornan Ross is ruthless.

Dornan laughed and squeezed my chin between his thick fingers, forcing my head up. He pointed to the camera and brushed a tear from my ashen cheek. He leaned in close so that only I could hear him.

“Say hello to the camera,” he whispered in my ear. “I’m gonna make you a star.”

More than his sons combined.

Chad, the oldest one, the heartless one.

As the oldest brother, Chad had been given the green light to go first. His younger brothers pinned me down, one on each hand and another holding my feet.


“My name is Juliette,” I whisper, “and you just got fucked, Chad.”

And then there is Jase.

The boy was screaming. Two of his older brothers held him firmly as he struggled futilely against them.

“Please, Pop, please don’t, they’re hurting her, please stop, STOP STOP STOP!”

The one who is different than the rest but still can’t leave the tight circle of this family.

The first book is a cliffhanger but still worth the read and the obsession over the series. A whole other meaning of MC clubs, lots of drama but not silly drama just to get the story to continue, it is right on the point, no bullshit, heart wrecking moments and mindblowing events!

Recommending it hands down!





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