Tears of Tess by Pepper Winters

Tears of Tess

3 stars!

Okay, where to begin with this… all the hype, all the raving comments, the ratings, everything. I was so looking forward to conclude my reading challenge with an amazing book that would blow my mind.

This wasn’t it.

Unfortunately, almost through the later half of the book I was waiting for that amazing moment that would suck me in till the end. And then I was reading because I didn’t want to DNF it.

From the beginning, Tess’s relationship with Brax irked me. I get it, that she stayed with him because they both had history together and they obviously loved each other, but to marry someone even though in your head you’re freaking miserable and you wish and long for something different? Just no.

Lost some of my interest there.

And then shit hit the fan.

I respected her. I respected her so freaking much when she fought back each and every time after her kidnapping, I did. I felt proud, just reading how strong her will was.

And then Q happened.

I don’t know what to say about him yet.

And then she escaped and called the freaking police. Even though I was ecstatic, I am still wondering how did she manage that even though she had a freaking GPS tracker implanted?

And then the police came to her rescue which still baffled me but anyway.

Then, she freaking defended him.

I get that she wanted something darker and that he was probably exactly what she wanted but that doesn’t make it right. At all. After having read so many kidnapping stories, this rubbed me the wrong way. Call it Stockholm Syndrome, call it whatever the hell, it still made me so freaking mad. Think about all the girls that get kidnapped; if he was a fat bold grandpa she would have run from that place like her ass was on fire, so the fact that he was hot and fucked her good meant that it was okay for her to be there? Or worse, be free of him and then run back to him?!

But, because for the better half of the book her will and her strength were unbreakable, I will rate it with 3 stars and recommended to those who would probably enjoy this.





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