Allure by Nina Lane


5 heartbreaking stars!

This one picks up exactly from where Arouse left off. Olivia and Dean are facing a surprise and they think that things between the two of them are better now. They went through a phase and secrets were revealed. But the truth is, they didn’t really deal with them after all.

“I moved closer to Dean, breathing in the scent of his skin, the heat of his body. “Remember when you told me everyone has a key to unlocking their secrets?” I whispered. ” And you wanted to know what mine is?” He nodded. “And you told me you didn’t have a key.” “I think I do.” “What is it?” “You.”

Dean and Liv are moving on, not yet ready for a baby but moving on nonetheless.

They had a fallout and now when a crisis arises, they deal with it together.

“He is imprinted in my bones, my soul. He has marked me in ways more permanent than time.”

He didn’t want a baby because he thought he would screw up like it happen with his ex wife, so he hid that part of his life completely. She kissed someone else to show him than there he should not take her for granted and instead of not talking about thing, they should face them together.

Sure, they both made mistakes, no one is perfect. They are both flawed and they both have a lot to deal with.

This book wrecked me. It wrecked me so deeply.

Just as they both find a silver lining and are able to break the wall between them, life throws them another curve ball. And another.

Having to leave for California to deal with Dean’s family emergency – even knowing that his family is not that fond of Liv – she supports him and they now have to deal with his family and her ex ganging up on her.


What I loved about this book is that even the drama that was there made sense. They marriage is so real and their problems make sense. It could be a real story with real characters. It felt real and it broke my heart.


Dean is trying so hard not to make the same mistakes and to protect his wife even from himself most of the time that he really deserves a break.

He is the sweetest and all he wants to do is slay all the dragons and shield her.

“Loved. I hadn’t even realized how desperately I’d wanted love. How much we both needed to know that in a world of dark corners and sharp needles, there really is a place where kisses taste like apple pie and where stars spill like suger across the sky. A place where unknown roads no longer scare you because you have another hand to hold. A place where butterflies always flutter whenever you see each other, and a single touch tells you that you are not alone. A place where every kiss still feels like the first. In that place of us, Liv and Dean, love has its own poetry and language. Allure, quartrefoil, fleur-de-lis…Professor. Beauty.”

To say that I loved it would be an understatement. I can’t wait for the 3rd book!





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