Reviving Izabel by J. A. Redmerski


5 stunning stars!

This book… OMG! I don’t know where to start but seriously this is freaking amazing! After Killing Sarai I jumped to this one and devoured it!


Victor is back and Sarai is like the title says, reviving Izabel! Sarai is alone, once again, thinking that maybe Victor is testing her and he is just waiting around the corner to get back into her life. In the meantime, she is searching for her enemies and planning to get revenge. So, she brings her alter ego back. And then it is on!

From that point, everything is a whirlwind! Killings and threats, torture and suspicions, plot twist and unexpected turn of events!

And then there is Sarai and Victor and their intense romance. It was just the right amount of it so that there was a balance between all the angst and all the chaos around them. It did not turn into a romance themed book.

The second book did not disappoint and despite the few minor spelling mistakes the plot was so thick and captivating that was no room for a pause, even though I did a few double takes on some words, still, totally overlooking that part! As far as the ending goes, I loved it! After all that intense plot and the angst, the end is just what perfect for them. Keep the readers guessing, not too many details or their future, just the two of them, simple.





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