TOP 10 BOOKS OF 2013

So, the only reason why I’m putting this list together is basically because I wanted to see if I could choose only 10 books – all published in 2013 not 10 out of my reading list for this year.

Okay here we go…


Real because when you fight for love you fight harder.


Unbeautifully because beauty is everywhere.


Arsen because it is unique and real.


Ruin because miracles happen.


Making Faces because it is that kind of book that still brings tears to my eyes.


Infraction because Breach broke my heart and Infraction stitched it back together.


Willing Victim because it will stay with me for a long while.


Extinguish because it made feel sympathy for Lucifer.


Lover At Last because the Black Dagger Brotherhood series is it.


Sempre: Redemption because it is by far the best published book of 2013.




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