Bound by Brenda Rothert


4 sweet stars!

And to think that I found this by accident! What an amazing read!

Kate Camden was happy, she had a boyfriend and she was having a baby. Until she was not. When she informs her boyfriend that she is pregnant, he leaves her but having to go through a pregnancy is not the tough thing she has to face.

Jason “Ryke” Ryker – love that name! – is a pro hockey player. From the outside it seems as though he has everything. A career, a wife, a happy marriage. Until he doesn’t. When his wife dies, he joins a grief support group to cope with the loss.

Ryke and Kate’s meeting is smooth, they meet at the group and grief brings those two together. They slowly become friends when Ryke hires her as his assistant. Nothing about this story felt forced. Kate struggles with intimacy issues, Ryke is the hot pro hockey player but he doesn’t flaunt it, he just wants someone to understand his grief. Missery loves company and those two soon fall for each other. They struggle as they both think that moving on is the wrong thing to do. Moving on means forgetting what tragedy they faced, for them. They help one another overcome the guilt that comes from their past and move on. I liked how this book wasn’t all rainbows and sunshine after the angst parts. Loss and death becomes a part of the book but not up to that point that it covers everything else. A perfect balance of grief and hope. Amazing read!





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