Fighting Redemption by Kate McCarthy


5 emotional stars!

Oh this book…

I was prepared for a lot of tears and sobbing and no matter how much you prepare yourself…

Ryan & Fin

Fin & Ryan


I don’t have the words to describe their love, their suffering, their losses, them.

Ryan and Fin met when Fin’s family relocates. Ryan and Jake, Fin’s brother, become fast friends and the rest could be history but it’s not.

Ryan comes from a a broken family and he finds a new one with the Tanner’s, Fin and Jake’s family.

Those three are inseparable but Ryan and Fin soon find themselves falling for one another.

And then, there comes the war.

Ryan wants to fighting for those that are unable to. Fin wants to save the whales. And their lives just can’t find a balance.

As the story develops, we see Ryan and Jake as they train and fight and Fin as she travels to Antarctica and researches.

Their lives collide for only a few weeks at a time and then war separates them again.

Without giving too much away, I will say that this story is filled with love, and loss and bright stars that sometimes burn brighter than the rest.

A must read.





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