Sex. Love. Repeat. by Alessandra Torre


5 shocking stars!

The concept of a woman having a relationship with two men while they both know about it… This book is like nothing I have ever – EVER – read and it has nothing to do with the hot steamy sex. Well… it may have something to do with that…

Madison is out of this world and I love her. I love her sass, I love her thinking, I love that she loves sex and she won’t let anyone use it against her. She likes sex and she is honest about it and about her relationships.


And even though this kind of relationship might shock some, it was so good reading something so fresh and so I-don’t-give-a-fuck kind of book.

First there was Stewart… and SEX

Then there was Paul… and LOVE

Then there was Stewart AND Paul… and REPEAT

Their story shows that a person CAN love two at the same time and that love CAN be different. Stewart is busy. Plain and simple. He wants her. He loves her. But he is busy. So he comes up with a plan and tells her to get a boyfriend to keep her busy when he can’t, to keep her from having sex with strangers all the time.

Why not cut down your hours, Stewart? I wondered. Because he can’t. And he won’t. Simple.

Paul is the guy that knows about Stewart and is willing to have half of her than none of her. He is the sweet guy, that one that will do whatever makes Madison happy. All good. But then again, maybe not.

This book is all twists and turns. And it doesn’t even have the over-the-top drama. I was actually wondering if such a thing can happen. Because apart from the blissfully happy times, life can be a bitch and things can change from one moment to another. And when they do… it blows you away! It comes right when you never expect it to come and it hits you on the head and you’re left wondering WHAT JUST HAPPENED.

It’s hard to review without giving too much away but this book is worth ever star! EVERY STAR! R E A D  I T!





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