The Dark Light of Day by T. M. Frazier


4 dark stars!

Torn is an understatement when it comes to this book. This one falls under the category of the-last-few-chapters-are-the-toughest.

What made me like it so much, is the fact that it somehow made sense for them to act like they did – if it was another book I would have rolled my eyes a hundred times. But with this one, I was just nodding like a fool all the time saying to myself, ‘finally they found a way to fix one another.’

I have to say it now, just to get it out of the way, overall this book was good but there were parts that I have read in books one too many times.

The Dark Light of Day

Abby is a damaged girl, way too damaged and way too hurt to trust anyone in her life. When her grandma dies, she is left alone to fight against foster care because she knows what that means. She is a fragile, broken girl that her self esteem was crushed by those closest to her. But as much as I understand and feel for her, the whole junkie-mom/psycho-foster-parents has been done way too many times for it to surprise me or intrigue me anymore. And as far at her cigarette scars go, that too. Despite that little bump, I couldn’t help but love her and feel for her and truly want her to just find happiness.


Jake is not the typical guy and he is a straight forward guy, no bullshit – well maybe a little bullshit at the end. He is a killer – really a killer – and he won’t hesitate to flat out ask her if she wants him to just off someone. Because really, if that doesn’t say I love you, then what does.

And even though I wanted her to be just a little more afraid of him – he is a killer – still she felt safe around him and that, made sense! Everything about them made sense, as crazy as things sounded, they just somehow made sense. For instance, their romance moved a little fast, considering the fact that Abby wouldn’t even bare the thought of him touching her, but again, it made sense!

She was a girl that felt dead inside and he was a boy that wouldn’t hesitate to kill anyone for her.

I finally realized that it’s possible to love within a space that sometimes holds nothing but emptiness.. or nothing but darkness.
After all, we all have darkness within us.
Some of us more than others.





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