Oath of Servitude by C.E. Wilson


ARC was kindly provided by the author via Smashwords in exchange of an honest review.

3 stars!

This is my first pixi book – pixi as a main character anyway – and I have to admit that I started this thinking that maybe I won’t like it and I was wrong.

As far as the pixi world goes, this book actually made sense and it had a lot to offer.

Cailin is a pixi – a unigue pixi – that has to serve an Oath of Servitude to the human who saved her father’s life, Owen. She is not like the other pixes. She is taller, like a doll, with fiery red hair and heavier make-up. And now, in order to escape the Darkness, she has to go live with the humans for a year.

Owen has a son, Teague – an alcoholic teenager who thinks his career and life is over because he is blind.

The story itself is not giving away as much information as I would like, for instance what is the Darkness and why are the pixies being punished by going there? It leaves a lot of things to the imagination – I guess the gaps will be filled in the sequel, but then again, shouldn’t this book have a little more to give?

I liked how both characters had to deal with their own fears of dark. Teague was blind and Cailin was afraid of being sent into the Darkness.

As far as the love story between the two goes, I don’t really see that happening, their size being the one obvious thing to wonder about but really maybe the sequel will bridge that gap as well.

Overall, for my first pixi book, I do recommend this book!





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