Seven Years by Dannika Dark


4 unique stars!

Finally a book about shapeshifters that divides the person from the animal!

And that is pretty much it. Apart from the pnr aspect of the book the rest was a love story. Lots of drama with Lexi and Austin and the only thing that made it stand out was the shapeshifter-thing.

Lexi is a shapeshifter. And to her, that’s fine. Totally not out of the normal. She didn’t react at all. AT ALL. It would have been more interesting to see her freak out a little bit and maybe be in denial – because after all she can turn into a freaking wolf. But no. To her, that’s almost next to nothing. Sure she has other things to worry about – like her family being all over the place and some hot guys that are into her – which was a little too much at times, how they would appear out of the blue only to get the shit beaten out of them by her wannabe boyfriend, Austin.

Austin is a wolf pack alpha. Which is not what it normally is with wolf packs – although at this point I don’t think that anything is normal in this book, and that is not a bad thing.

Again, the one thing that made a difference from the rest of the shape-shifting books was the part where the animal basically has a mind of it own and can not be controlled by the human.





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