Remy by Katy Evans



5 amazing stars!

Remington is back!

I don’t know if it’s because Mine (here is the playlist for Mine which contains all the songs) was just released or because this was a flashback book – still has a few chapters of their wedding – but it seems very little, I wanted more Remy!

Finally we get to be inside Remy’s head and that is amazing! This could be my favorite book in the series – mostly because most of Brooke’s whining was not present, at lease not that much. Sorry not sorry.

Remy is a character that reminds me of a small child. He just makes me what to hug him and tell him that it’s okay, everything is in the past and no one is going to hurt him now. Because really; what he had to go through was brutal. BRUTAL.

Other than that, I still feel like time just flew by, it felt like yesterday when I got Mine and was fangirling, not that I’m complaining about it!





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