Mine by Katy Evans


5 magnificent stars!

Oh how long I’ve been waiting for this book and how much I love that feeling when you get more than you even dared to expect! This book went above and beyond all my wild – pretty wild – imaginations!

My playlist for Mine with all the songs mentioned in the book!

Remington and Brooke just blew my freaking mind! Those two are unbelievably cute and so freaking hot, I don’t even know how to begin to describe them! Now, I really have to be vague because there are a lot of spoilers pretty much from the start so I’ll have to keep it simple.

Remington Tate. There.

He makes me wish there was a machine or something that could turn fictional characters into real people!minekatyevans

Katy Evans, I don’t think a thank you covers it, you did good!! We already knew a few things from Real about Remy’s past but Mine really ripped my heart out! I just want to squeeze him and all!

Sure it’s nothing new, every book hero has a traumatic past but I think the difference here is the way he copes with it and the fact that after all those years he still has to take pretty extreme measures to keep himself in check and from hurting other people. He knows how to control himself and how to come back from all the dark places.

There isn’t really anything about him that is too much, even the over possessiveness is justified.

Brooke has grown and is growing during the story, with everything she has to go through she understands that sometimes she has to be the strong one and just be there for Remy. She really gets what she did to him by leaving him once, she really gets it loud and clear in this book and I think that it is a lesson learned. She had to deal with a lot of drama – a lot – and on top of the drama that surrounds them, they both had a little extra to deal with as far as family goes.

To say that I loved every single Remy/Brooke music moment would be an understatement! I love they way they both communicate through music and the way they love each other through music, is not just a playlist for them, it is every single word they say and feel for each other. If there was an award for best playlist use, this series would totally deserve it!

I don’t think there should be any doubt but just in case. I freaking loved it and recommend it to… well pretty much everyone, even though I want to keep Remy all to myself!





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